Well not really something blue, but definitely something new. I'm now running this blog through a lot of fun hoops, on a Raspberry Pi 3, powered by a MikroTik hAP AC2 using Docker, a remote MySQL database residing at my hosting provider as well as some NAT-ing action happening on the MikroTik.

So far I still need to sort out a commenting system (for which I'm looking at Isso) that doesn't go too strong against my privacy stance - something that the old blog wasn't too good at (I was using Google Analytics and might've had some ads), Disquss is out of the question since they've been aquired by some large marketing company in 2017 so sooner or later they will become more or less evil. On the other side, comments are absolutely necessary so people can swear at me and so I can swear at them. Freedom is swearing and swearing is freedom.

About the setup - my hosting provider, despite being awesome (hats off to Hosterion guys) and offering NodeJS app hosting does suffer from the fact that they use cPanel (which I still consider the top web panel) which doesn't really play nice with anything not related to PHP, so I decided to try and run Docker on the RPi (I failed so hard at creating a macvlan network, despite it should've been working - a thing which I'll look into later), proxy the container exposed ports using Nginx where I also added the SSL certificate and finally NAT the nginx from the Pi, and then point to it via CNAME record on the blog.codin.ro subdomain.

Another thing I'll have to look at is extreme optimization and a bit of redundancy. The database is safe and sound since it's hosted at Hosterion, so I'm not worried at all regarding it, I am however worried about content such as images, themes and files I might host here. The solution temporarily will be a shared USB flash drive via the MikroTik, apart from the weekly RPi full image backups. As for the optimization, I'm thinking at setting up the nginx for caching as well, since most content here doesn't really change except for maybe a typo or a new post, so that does bring some possibility of serving pre-saved copies of the whole website basically.

Anyway, stay safe and wash your hands.